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We are a (non-501 C-3) non-profit organization, looking forward to a peaceful world by putting an end to the Pedophile Rings through raising awareness and turning Orphanages into Educational Gardens where children can grow to their fullest potential.

About Us

Our Vision

Today, countless children are trafficked into Pedophile Rings through Orphanages, Foster Care Homes, Schools, Theme Parks and more. Innocent little children who are kidnapped or parentless or taken away from their parents with nowhere to go, and no one to protect them. They expect their caretakers to look out for them, to protect them, only to have those same people turn around and sell them to the highest bidder in the black market.

If you are not yet familiar with the proliferation of Pedophilia amongst the Wealthy Elite, I suggest reading this article by Collective Evolution, or watching this video by Stew Peters.

We can help begin to put an end to this. We can begin raising awareness about children being kidnapped and trafficked in public schools, theme parks and Foster Homes. We can begin buying orphanages one by one to save the children one orphanage at a time. Under the right management, the children can remain safe, properly loved, and well provided for. It’s not an end all be all solution. That would require more Organizations to handle different avenues. But this is certainly a big step in the right direction.

Our goal is two fold:

1) Raise awareness through video interviews with victims who step forward to tell their stories and litigations against those who are complicit in these acts.

2) To turn Orphanages into Gardens of Truth – Educational Centers where children can learn basic life skills and knowledge, but also the Mystery School Teachings of Natural Law, Meditation, and Self-Defense. In other words, our Orphanages will help children to reach their full potential so they can become a force of good in this world, rather than being used as a force for evil.

How You Can Help

Send Donation

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. We also do accept standard check donations through snail mail.

Join the Foundation

While the Foundation is still in its infancy, eventually, we will need all the help we can get. We will need Teachers, Caretakers, Managers and more. Apply today, and soon, you could be helping make the world a better place for all, one orphanage at a time.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertisement. It comes with the highest level of trust. We need influencers and bloggers of all types and kinds to help us spread the word to get more people involved.

Join the Foundation

Right now, we are looking for people who would like to become the Core Members of the Foundation to help it become what it intends to be. We need help doing research, writing articles and finding whistleblowers to interview. Email us your Resume today and we will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, you can help us grow by spreading the word to help us collect enough Donations to get us started.

How Donations Will Be Used

This idea has just launched in March 2021. There will 3 phases of how Donations will be used.

  1. Phase One: Donations will be used to pay for the upstart expenses of website hosting, trust formation and marketing so we can find more victims and make videos.
  2. Phase Two: Donations will be pooled together in an Cryptocurrency Investment Account that returns a risk free 10% monthly interest until a minimum of $1 Million is reached.
  3. Phase Three: Once the $1 Million minimum has been reached, Donations will be invested in a Zero Risk High Yield Platform where they will grow exponentially into the Billions of Dollars we need to wage litigations against the wealthy elite and begin buying Orphanages to protect at least those children.

To learn more about the Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Click Here.

To learn more about the Zero Risk High Yield investment platform Click Here. If you would like more information, please Contact us.

Action Plan

We are currently at Step One below.

  1. During Phases One and Two, as listed above, we will be looking for like minded individuals who feel called to help in this endeavor. We will focus on writing blogs and creating video content to raise awareness. We hope to be able to interview whistleblowers who work in or have worked in Orphanages, Foster Care, Theme Parks, Police Stations, FBI, etc., as well as the victims who have experienced such traumas and lived to talk about it, should they feel comfortable doing so. If you are one such person, please reach out to us.
  2. Once Phase Three is underway, we will begin working with Lawyers who are courageous enough to begin litigating against these perpetrators and will also begin looking into which Orphanage to buy first and will begin inquiring with the Orphanage’s Director as to their willingness and price to sell. This might be very tricky because they make an awful lot of money selling children on the black market and they will not be willing to sell so easily as they are part of the corrupt system. We will have to make it well worth their while, and we also need to consider that we will need at least 5 years of business expenses in the bank as well as the selling price.

    If we cannot find an Orphanage that is willing to sell to us we will have to find an alternate way of saving such children. Plan B would be to purchase the children directly from the Orphanage at a higher price than the Pedophile Rings. We would then have to build our own Orphanage on our own Private Property. This would also mean we would have to become the best customer of these Orphanages in order to continuously keep children out of their hands. This might not be a bad trade-off for the Orphanages, however, because it will keep their expenses down and their income high. Perhaps, they will eventually allow us to purchase the Orphanage itself.
  3. With our first Orphanage under way, step three is to provide proof of concept for the Garden as an Educational Facility. This will include hiring the right people for the right positions. We will need Teachers, Managers, Caretakers, Groundskeepers, and more. We believe that education should be self-directed and merely guided to help the children achieve maximum results in their potential. We also believe that education should be Mastery Oriented. While certain curriculum will be provided for our children to learn, it will be organized in such a fashion that the children can choose how best to navigate through that curriculum themselves and at their own pace. After all, Freedom of Choice is one of the most important things children need to learn, and the highest expression of Love is to allow one to make their own choices. These children need to know they are loved and part of that means allowing them to make these kinds of decisions for themselves.
  4. With the success of our first Garden, we should have raised enough money to begin expanding more rapidly. By this point, we should be able to acquire 2 Orphanages at once to turn into Gardens. And as time goes on, with our Zero Risk High Yield Investment Strategy, plus ongoing donations, we should be able to continue expanding more and more quickly. And with our proof of concept already finished, setting up each successive Garden should become easier and easier. By this time, we should already have enough public attention that finding the right people to work in our Gardens should also become easier.

Why Buy The Orphanages

A good question you might be asking is, “Why buy the orphanages when you can probably get them shut down for illegally trafficking children?” The answer is twofold.

  1. First and foremost, we believe in always using the most peaceful solution possible. It’s no hidden fact that the more a person or organization pursues legal action against established pedophile rings, the more the Government and Wealthy Elite, who are the biggest buyers of these children, use their wealth and assets to crush the person or the organization. We would rather avoid war and the casualties that come with it.
  2. Secondly, what happens if they do get shut down by the state or the feds? Does the State or the Fed take over the establishment? That puts the children even closer to the pedophile rings than they were before.

Who We Are

So, far it’s just me. Will you be the first one to partner with me on this vision?

Kamiron Freeman – The Visionary

Kamiron Freeman is a Philosopher, Spiritual Scientist, Inventor, Social Engineer and Activist. The Garden of Truth Foundation and its Peace Keeper Alliance is one part of a three part vision to evolve the world to a higher state of Consciousness. The other two parts are: 1) his idea for a Global Alternative Society that uses Holographic Organization to provide Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty to all its People, of which the Garden of Truth Foundation and the Peace Keeper Alliance are a part; and 2) his plan to create a worldwide grid of Wireless Electric Power Plants based on his design for an Electromagnetic Vortex Engine (EVE), the discovery of which became the foundation for the Holographic Organizational System for the Alternative Society. All three of these visions are interrelated, and have, therefore, become his Life Mission.