Why Buy The Orphanages

A good question you might be asking is, “Why buy the orphanages when you can probably get them shut down for illegally trafficking children?” The answer is twofold.

  1. First and foremost, we believe in always using the most peaceful solution possible. It’s no hidden fact that the more a person or organization pursues legal action against established pedophile rings, the more the Government and Wealthy Elite, who are the biggest buyers of these children, use their wealth and assets to crush the person or the organization. We would rather avoid war and the casualties that come with it.
  2. Secondly, what happens if they do get shut down by the state or the feds? Does the State or the Fed take over the establishment? That puts the children even closer to the pedophile rings than they were before.

Our intention here is to actually solve the problem, not create more problems. It might seem as though buying the orphanages is doing the pedophiles a favor, and we won’t deny that it is. But it still takes the children out of their hands, it allows us to gain stewardship over the orphanage, and gives us the ability to make sure those children are protected and well cared for until adulthood.

On the flip side, if we tried to catch them in the act of selling, or sexually abusing children, we, ourselves, could be charged with several different crimes. Unfortunately, the laws protect pedophiles more than they protect their child victims. And they absolutely work against anyone trying to help the children using legal avenues.

As such, in order to help in this endeavor, we had to get a bit creative and find another way. We asked the question, what if we could make it worth their while? We could stay in business and we could help a lot more children with much less backlash if we made it worth their while.

Unfortunately, that also means it will cost us a lot more money. But fortunately, we are aware of a couple different ways we can invest our donations to grow that money exponentially very quickly. These Private Investment Platforms are by invitation only, and we have been invited, because these platforms prefer doing business with Organizations like us who want to provide real help in this world. Help that, in no way, shape or form, returns a profit of any kind, but requires a lot of money to fulfill.

We don’t do this for profit. We don’t do this for brownie points. We do this because we believe in helping to end Child Trafficking. We believe in providing a loving and caring environment for orphans. We believe in helping orphans reach their full potential as human beings. And we believe helping to prevent more atrocities in the future with our eventual Peace Keeper Alliance.

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