The Sad Reality

It’s a hard to pill to swallow to realize that Pedophilia is not limited to a few Neighbors on a watchlist, but is in fact a Global Scheme perpetrated and perpetuated by the worlds most prolific entertainers, wealthy elite and even our most beloved politicians. It has come to the point now where they are actually trying normalize and legalize pedophilia.

Even worse yet is how they gain access to children in the first place. Many of the worlds charities and non-profit organizations which claim help children, fight for children and protect children, are, in fact, in the business of trafficking such children right into the hands of the world renowned Pedophiles. Amongst these are Foster Child Programs and Orphanages.

If you aren’t yet familiar with this reality, this article, written by Collective Evolution will help familiarize you with this sad reality. It focuses primarily on the UK, but what they have to say is very much the same for the US and most the rest of the world.

With all of this information coming to light, it has become all the more difficult to know who we can trust, if not the very people who say they are trying to protect these children. Not only are many of the worlds Pedophile Rings funded by our Income Taxes and the Wealthy Elites Private Investment Systems, but even worse, they are funded by innocent people’s hard earned dollars innocently donated to what they thought was a good cause.

We, at the Garden of Truth Foundation, realize that revealing this information makes it difficult, even, to trust us. How do you know we are not just another Foundation who will do the exact opposite of what we claim?

Transparency is Key

The difference is transparency. While most Charities and Foundations tell you what they will do and they pretend to do, the Garden of Truth Foundation will go several steps further. We will provide detailed information every step of the way to explain to our donators what we are ARE doing and what we HAVE done. Every time we make a certain accomplishment that brings us one step closer to our goal, you will know it, and we will provide proof that it was actually done.

We will even take this one step further. We will make our account books public. This puts us in a precarious position, because it could be used against us by the IRS to make us pay taxes we don’t owe as both a Non-Profit Foundation and a Natural Law Trust. But we will do it nonetheless, because we believe that transparency is the key to the future of such Charities and Non-Profit Foundations.

We will set a new standard in transparency that others will have to follow or risk losing their loyal investors and donators. Without this level of transparency, there is no way to know what you are really giving your money to. There is no way to ensure that the Charity or Foundation will actually do what it says it will.

Alternative Global Society

Furthermore, unlike many other Charities and Foundations, the Garden of Truth is not part of any secular nation, and does not participate in any secular politics. As such, we have absolutely no relations with any politicians or wealthy elite’s who may potentially be pedophiles.

We participate as an Organization in an Alternative Global Society called Metagaiaes, which is founded upon the principles that Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty are natural birth-rights for everyone.

In Metagaiaes, to violate the Free-will of any other Member is considered Treason, because every Member of Metagaiaes is Sovereign. Most of these violations may be petty, but violations such as Child Trafficking and Pedophilia are considered High Treason as they cause “Damage beyond repair.” All of our Orphans will be protected by the same status as dependents of Metagaiaes until they are of age to choose whether to remain a Member of Metagaiaes, or become a person of Secular Society.

As a Member Organization to Metagaiaes, we not only hold ourselves to extremely high standards of morals and ethics, but we are held accountable to those standards by the rest of the Global Community.

A Solution That Grows

We, at the Garden of Truth Foundation, can only wish that we had the ability to cover every base and end all avenues of Child Trafficking altogether, but the reality is, that will take more than one Organization. There too many avenues, too many vectors, too many possibilities to cover. However, the larger we grow, especially once we are finally able to launch our Peace Keeper Alliance, the more avenues we will be able to cover.

For now, we can start with Orphanages, one at a time. As we expand, we can take over more and more Orphanages slowly closing the gap on this avenue altogether. But there are still Foster Child Programs, and Children Refugees who are separated from their parents at the border. There is still even corruption within our very own police forces who work to cover up crimes committed by the worlds elite.

We will never claim to be an end all be all solution. That will take many organizations and many decades, but we can certainly begin to help make steps in the right direction. While we can be primarily self-sufficient in the future with a certain investment platform that we have access to, we can’t get there without your help.

Our Fast Growth Strategy

We have been studying and researching the ways in which the Wealthy Elite of the world operate with their Natural Law Trusts and Private Investment Platforms, and we have spent many painstaking years building relationships with others who have been doing the same. The friends we have made have spent many decades building relationships with the few leaders of the Private Investment Industry who have stopped catering to the Wealthy Elite and have begun helping those of lesser “status” gain wealth just like the Elite do. They prefer to cater to the Compassionate People of the world who wish to help make it a better place, one step at a time, and they have created a very strict and stringent application process to ensure they are only helping honest people with real integrity.

However, the absolute least amount of money these very people have been able to allow investors to invest with has only come down to $1 Million. But that is down from $100 Million. We only need a total of $1 Million in donations to help us get to the point where we can invest in the same Zero Risk High Yield programs that keep the Wealthy Elite wealthy. These programs create so much profit so quickly they will be able to fund everything else from there.

Nonetheless, we will always be sure to provide 100% transparency in our operations, including by making our account books public. We believe this is the only way, moving forward, for any Charity or Non-Profit Foundation to maintain trust with the public. However, because these Private Investment Systems are so private, they may not allow us to publish our profits. It is likely that we will only be able to publish our expenses. But that should be more than enough, because that tells everyone what we are actually spending our money on, which tells everyone exactly what we are actually doing.

Why Buy The Orphanages

A good question you might be asking is, “Why buy the orphanages when you can probably get them shut down for illegally trafficking children?” The answer is twofold.

  1. First and foremost, we believe in always using the most peaceful solution possible. It’s no hidden fact that the more a person or organization pursues legal action against established pedophile rings, the more the Government and Wealthy Elite, who are the biggest buyers of these children, use their wealth and assets to crush the person or the organization. We would rather avoid war and the casualties that come with it.
  2. Secondly, what happens if they do get shut down by the state or the feds? Does the State or the Fed take over the establishment? That puts the children even closer to the pedophile rings than they were before.

Our intention here is to actually solve the problem, not create more problems. It might seem as though buying the orphanages is doing the pedophiles a favor, and we won’t deny that it is. But it still takes the children out of their hands, it allows us to gain stewardship over the orphanage, and gives us the ability to make sure those children are protected and well cared for until adulthood.

On the flip side, if we tried to catch them in the act of selling, or sexually abusing children, we, ourselves, could be charged with several different crimes. Unfortunately, the laws protect pedophiles more than they protect their child victims. And they absolutely work against anyone trying to help the children using legal avenues.

As such, in order to help in this endeavor, we had to get a bit creative and find another way. We asked the question, what if we could make it worth their while? We could stay in business and we could help a lot more children with much less backlash if we made it worth their while.

Unfortunately, that also means it will cost us a lot more money. But fortunately, we are aware of a couple different ways we can invest our donations to grow that money exponentially very quickly. These Private Investment Platforms are by invitation only, and we have been invited, because these platforms prefer doing business with Organizations like us who want to provide real help in this world. Help that, in no way, shape or form, returns a profit of any kind, but requires a lot of money to fulfill.

We don’t do this for profit. We don’t do this for brownie points. We do this because we believe in helping to end Child Trafficking. We believe in providing a loving and caring environment for orphans. We believe in helping orphans reach their full potential as human beings. And we believe helping to prevent more atrocities in the future with our eventual Peace Keeper Alliance.