The Sad Reality

It’s a hard to pill to swallow to realize that Pedophilia is not limited to a few Neighbors on a watchlist, but is in fact a Global Scheme perpetrated and perpetuated by the worlds most prolific entertainers, wealthy elite and even our most beloved politicians. It has come to the point now where they are actually trying normalize and legalize pedophilia.

Even worse yet is how they gain access to children in the first place. Many of the worlds charities and non-profit organizations which claim help children, fight for children and protect children, are, in fact, in the business of trafficking such children right into the hands of the world renowned Pedophiles. Amongst these are Foster Child Programs and Orphanages.

If you aren’t yet familiar with this reality, this article, written by Collective Evolution will help familiarize you with this sad reality. It focuses primarily on the UK, but what they have to say is very much the same for the US and most the rest of the world.

Why Buy The Orphanages

A good question you might be asking is, “Why buy the orphanages when you can probably get them shut down for illegally trafficking children?” The answer is twofold.

1. First and foremost, we believe in always using the most peaceful solution possible. It’s no hidden fact that the more a person or organization pursues legal action against established pedophile rings, the more the Government and Wealthy Elite, who are the biggest buyers of these children, use their wealth and assets to crush the person or the organization. We would rather avoid war and the casualties that come with it.

2. Secondly, what happens if they do get shut down by the state or the feds? Does the State or the Fed take over the establishment? That puts the children even closer to the pedophile rings than they were before.